The voice kids: Most shocking voices

These little talents from all over the world shocked everyone with their amazing & unexpected voices 😍 Which one surprised you the most? 🤔

If you want to download this video by audio or video format, click here.

If you need download instruction, click here.

00:00 – Jesús del Río sings ‘Highway To Hell’ (The Voice Kids Spain 🇪🇸 )

01:48 – Frailyn sings ‘Creo en mí’ (The Voice Kids Colombia 🇨🇴 )

04:23 – Edilė Daubaraitė sings ‘Toy’ (The Voice Kids Lithuania 🇱🇹 )

06:04 – Conchita Wurst sings ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’ ( La Voz Kids Alemania 🇩🇪)

07:42 – Diana Ankudinova sings ‘Jodel-time’ (The Voice Kids Russia 🇷🇺 )


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